When you tell anyone that you’re vegan, you’re flooded with a lot of questions, a lot of opinions and a whole lot of suggestions. Like, no, vegans do not miss bacon or cheese! While being vegan is a wonderful, beautiful way to live life – It comes with a lot of funny relatable struggles.

It’s Vegan Time!

Veganuary represents the month of everything vegan, but at Papa John’s we believe that veganism can be celebrated at any time! Because of this, Papa John’s has a bunch of new vegan foods for you to try to make these vegan struggles not as hard.

  1. The Jackfruit “Pepperoni”, is a vegan twist on Pepperoni Pizza. Vegan Sheese topped with spicy jackfruit “pepperoni” slices, it’s heavenly.
  2. Inject a spicy vegan flare into your life with The American Hot Jackfruit, which features vegan Sheese, spicy jackfruit slices and jalapeño peppers.
  3. The very Italian and very delicious Vegan Sausage & “Pepperoni” is another new delightful addition.
  4. Papa Jonh’s knows you love ‘The Works’ pizza, so we made it vegan. You’ll love The Vegan Works, take caution when consuming it though, you may become addicted.

Oh wait, you think that’s it? Oh no, this is only the ‘veganinning’. To put the icing on the cake, Papa John’s have launched a new *Butternut Squash Pizza Base. Now that you’re updated on what’s new, we can get into these funny (but also kinda painful vegan) struggles…

Grass and Leaves Diet

When you tell people that you’re vegan, they automatically assume you somehow survive on a bland, seasonless, boring diet of plants like carrots and celery. You get a weird sense of satisfaction when you see their reaction to your heavenly, gooey, succulent ‘Vegan Sheese® Garden Party’ or when they see you munching on the incredibly delicious Papa John’s ‘Cauli Wings.’ Oh yeah, vegans are out here eating good food. Don’t worry about them!


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Meat Lecturers

Another vegan struggle is that you’re pretty much always being told about how you need meat. You could probably save up a huge chunk of money if you got a pound for every time someone told you why you ‘need meat’ and how ‘not eating meat is really bad for you’. It’s laughable how, almost instantly, people turn into nutritionists when they find out your vegan!

Trying to Defend Yourself

Vegan struggle number 3: Defending yourself. When you defend your vegan ways, you’re very quick to be labeled as that vegan friend. The vegan friend, that ‘won’t shut up about veganism’, the friend that is ‘shoving veganism down our throats’, the friend that is ‘making veganism a big deal.’ You simply can’t win.

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The Fresh Food Race

Fresh food is pretty much a vegan staple. If you’re vegan, your pantry is sure to be stocked up with bananas, avocados and other tasty fruits and veggies. While this is amazing, they sure do love to go bad. You blink and boom! Your bananas are brown. It’s like the minute you turn your back, fruit and vegetables can’t wait to go rotten.

Small Town Struggle

This is one of the saddest vegan struggles, if you’re vegan and live in a small town, your vegan options are so minimal. Not a wholefoods or a cute quirky vegan store in sight. You must resort to the tiny frozen section of your local supermarket. Papa John’s store finder just might make living in a small town a little bit better, with 100s of stores across the UK & a diverse vegan menu – we have your back! (find your closest store here)


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Non-Vegan Alternatives

With healthy resolutions in full swing following the new year, pizza lovers across the nation can continue to make healthier choices with us, whilst still enjoying a mouth-watering takeaway snack. The Vegan Sheese, Jackfruit “Pepperoni” Slices & Vegan Sausages are designed to be top tier, delicious alternatives for all to fall in love with.

Get Your Vegan On

Whether you identify as vegan or not, our vegan range can be enjoyed by everyone! Explore more vegan treats here & Order for delivery or collection from your local store here!

*While our Butternut Squash base is Gluten-Free, the pizza will be prepared in an environment that contains gluten which means cross-contamination may occur whilst preparing your order. Therefore, this product is not suitable for Coeliacs.